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 Events At A Glance

2023 Christmas on the Square


2022December FOWCNF Christmas on the Square! 

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IMG_9275 2022 Christmas on Square.jpg
IMG_9277 2022 Christmas on Square.jpg

What to expect at our booth: fliers on upcoming events, membership information, donation information, and free hot chocolate!

Yearly Events

Catch A Rainbow Kids Fishing Derby


IMG_7579 (1).jpg

Catch a Rainbow Kids Fishing Derby began as a small event in 1986. Over the past 30 years, it has blossomed into one of the largest children’s fishing events in the country.

Designed as a way to connect families with nature, and promote outdoor activity in children, this event provides a fun-filled day for all who attend.

Each year, on the first Saturday in June, approximately 4,000 individuals venture down to Hatchery Creek. Children under 16 are given the opportunity to fish and receive a prize, while the whole family enjoys unlimited refreshments and other activities throughout the day.

This event has an estimated value of approximately $25,000.00. With the gracious donations of more than one hundred sponsors and the time and effort put forth by over one hundred volunteers, this public event remains free of charge.

Wounded Warriors Fishing Event


IMG_8866 (1).JPG

In an effort to promote outdoor recreational activities for wounded service members, Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery’s Wounded Warrior Fishing Event began in 2011. By their very nature, outdoor recreational activities are extremely therapeutic and have been shown to make a difference in our returning veterans’ lives.

This event welcomes veterans that have been wounded during combat. Considered one of the finest fishing areas in the Eastern United States, participants have the opportunity to fish Lake Cumberland, Cumberland River, and Hatchery Creek.

Each year, near the anniversary of September 11th, approximately 30  veterans participate in this event, beginning the day with a guided striped bass fishing tour on Lake Cumberland. Following a complimentary lunch, participants end the day with trout fishing at Hatchery Creek or along the Cumberland River.

The Annual Wounded Warrior Fishing Event has an estimated value of approximately $7,000.00, with the majority of the funds going towards fishing equipment and lunch. With your generous donation, you can help us continue this event for our deserving service men and women.

Catch A Smile Senior Fishing Derby



IMG_8872 (1).JPG

Each year, Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery hosts the Catch A Smile Senior Fishing Derby as a way to promote outdoor activity in senior citizens. Held on the last Tuesday of September, this event is tailored for anyone 62 years of age or older and features a day of trout fishing on Hatchery Creek, complimentary lunch and lots of door prizes.

Approximately 150 individuals participate in this event each year. The estimated cost for the event is more than $7,000.00, with the majority of the funds going towards the cost of lunch and prizes.

Reaching for Rainbows



The Reaching for Rainbows derby began in 2007 in an effort to provide fishing opportunities for children with physical and intellectual disabilities in Russell and Clinton counties. In 2014, Wolf Creek began offering two days of Reaching for Rainbows derbies, with the additional day being for children from Adair and Cumberland counties. These events are coordinated through the schools, and reach approximately 350 students each year.  


Each year, during the last week in September, these events feature fishing at Hatchery Creek with assistance provided, complimentary lunch, prizes,  t-shirts and medallions. The estimated cost for these events is in excess of $10,000.

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